The compound is designed to protect against wear and maintain the performance of gasoline and gas engines of passenger vehicles with mileage more than 50 000 kilometers. It can be used for forced and turbocharged engines.

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Tribotechnical compounds of ACTIVE series create conditions under which the friction surfaces in engine parts are covered with a metallic protective layer, which has a special structure. This layer partially restores the dimensions and geometry of worn parts, optimizes gaps in friction pairs, keeps more oil on the friction surfaces. This provides the following effects from the application of the compound:

Increasing capacity and fuel economy - partial restoration of worn surfaces in the cylinder-piston group and ability to better retain grease seal clearances in the cylinder-piston group, provide the necessary gastightness. This leads to compression recovering, improves combustion quality. Moreover, dense oil layer displaces the friction regime in the direction of the hydrodynamic, which reduces the friction losses. All this leads to an increase of the engine power with simultaneous fuel economy by 6-8%.

Low oil consumption - protective layer restores density in assembly: cylinder liner - oil ring - piston groove. It improves the removal of oil from the cylinder wall and reduces oil burning in combustion chamber, especially at high engine speeds.

Noise and vibration levels reduction - recovering of compression in the cylinders leads to smooth engine running. In addition, a dense layer of oil softens work of friction parts. Altogether, it reduces vibration and noise in the engine.

Toxicity reduction - recovering of compression and optimization of gaps in the cylinder-piston group improves combustion quality and reduces oil burning in combustion chamber, which decreases exhaust CO/CH emissions.

Restoration of functional properties of hydraulic compensators - protective layer restores optimum gaps in hydraulic compensators, which normalizes oil pressure and provides quality work of a mechanism.

Increasing the resource of the engine operation - protective layer greatly reduces the wear of the most loaded friction parts, which determine engine life.

Protection in extreme working conditions - protective layer effectively prevents wear of friction parts at high loads due to the structural features (micro-hardness and micro-elasticity) and retention of larger amount of oil.

Facilitating engine start up and protection during «cold start-up» - treated surfaces are able to retain the oil layer during lengthy downtime of the engine. It facilitates the first shaft revolutions and prevents increased wear of engine with insufficient oil on friction surfaces at initial start-up, which is especially important at negative ambient temperature.

Protection during active driving - treated surfaces keep a denser oil layer, which reduces wear and compensates for oil starvation during fast increase in engine speed.


The compound is designed to restore the performance and protect against wear the gasoline and LPG engines of passenger vehicles with mileage more than 50 000 kilometers. It can be used for forced and turbocharged engines.

90 ml

Tribotechnical compound «Atomium Active Gasoline Plus»

Certified in accordance with the international quality standard
ISO 9001-2008

Storage temperature: from -20 ᵒС to +70 ᵒС
Shelf life: 5 years

Safety precautions and first aid:

It is not expected any health hazard when used under normal conditions.

In case of a contact with skin, wash out with warm water, and then wash again with soap.

In case of contact with eyes, wash out eyes with large amount of water.

In case of swallowing consult, a doctor.


Shelf life: 5 years. Manufacturing date is indicated on the can.

It is not recommended to apply the compound at existence of mechanical breakages of parts and assemblies.

Compound ACTIVE PLUS is compatible with any type of motor oil.

The sediment on the bottom of the can is the main working element of ACTIVE PLUS - these are microparticles of minerals. It is crucially important to thoroughly stir the contents of the can before pouring it in the engine oil system (sediment color depending on the release batch can vary from light green to dark gray and black).

Overdose of compound by 1.5 times is not dangerous for the engine and does not disturb its work.

Compound ACTIVE PLUS does not affect the characteristics and status of parts made of composite materials and rubber.


For providing continuous level of engine protection at each regular oil change it is recommended to apply Active Regular after the complete treatment with ACTIVE PLUS.

To restore the transmission resource it is recommended to apply tribotechnical compounds MGSB, AGSB, REDUCER by Atomium.

To restore the power steering characteristics it is recommended to apply compound HPS by Atomium.


Tribotechnical compound ACTIVE PLUS is applied in three stages. At every stage it is necessary to add the compound to the motor oil in accordance with the following procedure:

Warm up the engine to operating temperature (regular operation).

Stop the engine.

Stir the contents of the can thoroughly until natural sediments (active components) are totally dissolved.

Apply 1 can through the regular oil filling neck. (If the volume of the oil system is more than 5 liters, it is necessary to fill in two cans of compound).

After applying the engine should run (it is recommended to drive the car) for no less than 20 - 25 min. in the regular operation mode.

After the procedure, you can use the car as usual.